Career Purpose and Plan

In everything we do, it is essential to set clear and precise objectives to achieve. This is valid for all areas of our life. Nowadays very few people choose their job based on established goals. People apply to jobs just to meet daily needs. I understand this and it is quite normal because the one who works must enjoy the fruits of his labor. The real problem is that when you don’t have a career plan, it’s hard to feel comfortable and be satisfied with your job. Having professional goals is important to stay motivated. Starting a professional career without a purpose will negatively impact your career development and professional growth. You will see people who transpire from company to company without ever stabilizing, or who complain all the time about their job, because at the beginning, they do not know what they are looking for. It takes a career plan supported by an essential set of goals and actions to achieve your long-term professional goals. By having a career plan, it will help you decide which direction you want to take in your professional life.

What I recommend most often to job applicants who consult me ​​is that first of all, that they define their own professional objective and that they ask themselves the right questions (this is not always evident, and that is why we are here to support them). Is it important that they know what they want to do at work, what they would like to accomplish, what they like and don’t like. There are many things they need to do before starting by filling in jobs applications. They need to identify the sector that best suit their job interest and their motivators. They need to know who they are, their strengths and weaknesses, their immediate and long-term objectives.

Now, I have some questions for you: What level do you want to reach in your career, or what do you want to achieve? Do you have a plan to get there?

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